Angela Sepe Novara

Angela Sepe Novara was born in Rivoli. She now lives in Chieri - Turin - Italy. After getting a high school certificate in Arts, she follows Nude Art classes at Albertina Academy inTurin, Watercolor classes with Guido Bertello, and the graphics, with Raffaele Pontecorvo. Following a figurative period, she come to abstract Expressionism producing abstract expressionism. Her present research is focused on dissolving and recomposing the image, isolating the fragment,visual poetry, installation. She loves to realise "artistic jewels", unique pieces in resin and silver. She cooperates with Institutions and Companies, realising works for events and advertising. Among these: Gibaud Italy and Italian Sport Medicine Federation. During her career she dedicated to education, organising paint laboratories. She writes poetries and poetic captions for her works.

Some events:
1997 - "Psychic Dermographisms" by Culture Department Piedmont Region - Biella - Italy. Ferrero Palace - curated by Pierre               Restany and Marco Vallora.
1997 - " Reading through culture and nature" Italian Institute of Culture - New York - New York University - under Italian                     Consulate patronage - curated by Pierre Restany.
1999 - "Ovation" collection April by Cimia - Electa catalogue - Book exhibition of Turin.
2001 - "Enfranchisement" collection April by Cimia - Electa catalogue - Bricherasio Palace - Turin.
2002 - "Calibrated fadings" - Turin - Council of Piedmont Region - curated by Lucio Cabutti.
2003 - Lascaris Palace - Turin "Il Piemonte delle fortezze" promoted by Council of Piedmont Region.
2004 - "Flowery fence" - Rivoli - promoted by Council of Piedmont Region curated by Angelo Mistrangelo.
2005 - She wins the international poetry competition "Scrittori per un giorno" ("Writers for one day") by RAI. She was invited                 on TV live broadcast "Uno mattina" (RAI UNO, Dec. 29, 2005) where she presented her poetry "L'attesa" ("Waiting").
2007 - Invited at "13x17" - Italian Pavilion - Biennal exhibition of Venice 52 - event curated by Philippe Daverio and Veneto                   Region - Berengo Office - Murano - Venice - Rizzoli publisher.
2008 - invited to the contest "The artist and the creative emotion" she wins the first prize city Alba - Cuneo - Italy
2008 - Invited to the exhibition "Spirito Olimpico" - Olimpic games Casa Italia - CONI - Haidianexibitioncenter - Beijing - China.
2009 - She produces for F.M.S.I. - Rome - the work " Il salto" ("The Jump") in the framework of the eightieth anniversary of its             foundation and She participates at "Eternologie" exhibition - Casa Italia Mediterranean Games - Pescara.
2010 - She organizes personal exhibition "Il Segno e la Parola" (The Mark and the Word") promoted by National University                   Library of Turin and included by Department of Cultural Assets Preservation, in the European Days of Patrimony.
2010 - Invited at: "Ottobre 2010, Piovono libri" (October 2010, books rain") in Turin some people read book's pages in tram
           and in the library from 12th to 29th October 2010 "Il Segno e la Parola"
2010 - Invited at Biennal exhibition "Stemperando" curated by Giovanna Barbero - "Verso l'arte" publisher, National Libraries               of Turin, Cosenza and Rome - Department of Cultural Assets.
2010/2011 - She prepares the celebration work for F.M.S.I. Turin, in the framework of the 150th anniversary of the Italian                             Unification.
2011 - She presents "Il Segno e la Parola - RiLeggendo RiVOLI a colori "- Museum "Casa del Conte Verde" - Rivoli - Turin -              enhancing the exhibition with works dedicated to writer Mario Soldati. Curated by Marco Vallora. Department of
           Cultural Assets.
2011 - Invited at "La formazione dell'Uno" in the framework of the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification - National Gallery             of Cosenza. Department of Cultural Assets.
2011 - Invited at the Novara City award.
2011 - Invited at Biennal exhibition of Venice 54 - Italian Pavilion - Castiglia/Saluzzo - curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.                  Skira catalogue. - Department of Cultural Assets.
2011 - invidet at BIENNAL EXIBITION OF VENICE 54 - ITALIAN PAVILION "THE STATE OF THE ART -                    edited by VITTORIO SGARBI DEPARTMENT OF CULTURAL ASSETS Palace of Exibitions - TURIN                   1861 - 2011 - Anniversary united of ITALY December/January 2011
2012 - LITERATURE AND POETRY INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION - " TRAMATE CON NOI - IL TUO                 ROMANZO NEL CASSETTO "(Plotting with us - Your novel in a drawer) curated by RAI RADIO 1 - Radio                   ERI - Minerva publisher - Radio broadcast featuring Bruno Gambarotta, Claudio Gorlier and Bruno Quaranta -                         curated by Vito Cioce.
             I participate with an unpublished work titled " Life a mixed ingredients pie ". Selected by writer Bruno Gambarotta, I                   join the episode of the 7th of April, when Tomaso Ricardi Di Netro, art director of the Venaria Reale, Torino, acting as               referee, declares my writing as the winning of the episode competition. During the episode, all 9 competitors were                       declared winners and nominated " the Magnificent 9 ". All of us participated to the finals during the International Book                 Fair in Torino - May 2012.

            Project edited by GAM Flavia Barbaro. Run of understanding to the concept of SOUL, in the work of Anselm Kiefer,
            in collection to the museum. Pictorial elaboration, through the reading of my painting "From the balcony" - from
            " The sign and the Word" - students school Rainbow - Turin.
            "Colors between heaven and earth - the four seasons between atmospheric inspirations Vivaldi and not just"

            by the Piedmont Region Department of Culture - Italy
            from May 5 to June 18, 2013
            "The sign and the word -Saluzzo literary and poetic image in Piedmont".

            Included in the European Heritage Days 2010
            from 29 June to 31 August 2013
2013 - Seminars of ANGELA SEPE NOVARA Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art
            Piazza Mafalda di Savoia Rivoli - Torino - Italy
            Within the exhibition: Marinella Senatore - Community Building October 6 to January 6 2014
            Saturday, December 7, at 15-17, Movie Set - Long Sleeve
            Angela Sepe Novara - Watercolour. Deployment in Europe, founder Artists - Part 1
            Saturday, December 14 hrs 15-17, Movie Set - Long Sleeve
            Angela Sepe Novara - Watercolour. Knowledge of materials, performance techniques - Part 2
2014 - The Sign the Word - interpreting Guido Gozzano and the literary memory in Piemonte - tales of image
            Included in the European Heritage Daays 2010 - from april 12 to may 11 - 2014
            Ducal Castle, Agliè - Turin, Gallery to forums
2014 - La Repubblica - " A place a character"
            Illustrative portraits Savoy - of ANGELA SEPE NOVARA. On wednesdays, from 02 July to 27 August 2014
            FARINI CONCEPT Gallery - Palazzo Fantuzzi - Bologna - 17 January - 07 February - White Night
            opera exposed "Autmn concert" cm. 100x100 - olil on canvas
            from exibition " Colors of heaven and earth" - Regional Museum of Science Natural - of Turin
            Department of Culture Piedmont Region - Italy. Year 2013
            Angela Sepe Novara wins the first Biennale of Facebook which was attended by 19,000 artists
            from around the world. The winning entry, section Abstract Painting - entitled "Summer Concert" -
            cm.100x100 oil on canvas; It is taken from the staff "Colors of heaven and earth" -
            Regional Museum of Science Natural of Turin - Department of Culture Piedmont Region - Italy - year 2013.
            MILAN EXPO 2015 - Hydroelectric Power Plant ENEL - Trezzo d'Adda - Milano
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2015 - La Repubblica - LOVES SAVOY
            Illustrative watercolors portraits of Angela Sepe Novara. July to August - La REPUBBLICA
2015 - La Repubblica - La donna di Tambov
            Watercolors illustrative - story of episodes - of La Repubblica - July to August 2015
            Watercolors illustrative - La REPUBBLICA - pages of Culture 2014/2015 13 October to 14 November 2015.
            Vol.TO - Turin - via Giolitti, 21
2017, 14/15 October - ART + WINE
            THE VINEYARD - tribute to Cesare Pavese - oil on canavas - cm. 50x70
2018, May 10 Through September 2 - COLORS BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH,
           the four seasons & other vivaldian inspirations

            Preserving Our Italian Heritage & Culture
            Works by ANGELA SEPE NOVARA - On Exhibit May 10 Through September 2
            Museo Italo Americano - Fort Mason Center
            2 Marina Boulevard, Building C. S. Francisco